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Divide and Conquer | July 13th @ 8

DIVIDE & CONQUER is where the Chicago’s hardest-hitting comedians come to make audiences laugh and think. The aim of the show is to get the best comedians to step outside their comfort zones, with thought-provoking stand-up material, to spur real dialogue about current events and issues in the world.

July 13th we're coming back at you with a STACKED line-up, the untouchable Azhar Usman hosts:
Audrey Jonas
Calvin Evans
Scott Duff
David Carter
Stephanie Weber
Joe Nudelman
Adam Burke

DIVIDE & CONQUER is co-created and co-produced by Chicago-based standup comic and satirist Tucker Millett, along with Washington D.C. native and current Laugh Factory Chicago house emcee, David Carter. Millett says of the show: “We invite audiences to come ready to laugh at comedic commentary that challenges the status quo.” Carter adds: “The best joke doesn't divide a crowd at once, it divides a person first. You might reject a joke because the subject matter is untouchable. Now imagine a comedian that can take something dark, something you may disagree with, argue it in a way that reveals some absurdity or hypocrisy, and make you laugh at something you once considered taboo or off-limits. In this way, comedy can overcome divides we draw within ourselves.” Laugh Factory Chicago’s manager, Curtis Shaw Flagg, shares the producers’ enthusiasm for the show: “There is no other comedy show like DIVIDE & CONQUER in the city of Chicago. The Laugh Factory is so excited to be working with such a talented team to build and grow this ‘divisive’ comedy show!”

Age restriction: 18 years and over 2 drink minimum per person (can be non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage)Age restriction: 18 years and over 2 drink minimum per person (can be non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage)

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CHALK HOUSE | Live Stand-Up Comedy Showcase
to Sep 13

CHALK HOUSE | Live Stand-Up Comedy Showcase

Come find us in the garage back behind The General- Bar & Mercantile in Logan Square (on California just south of Logan Blvd.) every Wednesday night from June-October for a brand new line-up each week of the best comedians in Chicago performing on the backdrop of a chalkboard lined garage. Hosted by Chicago comedy's rising starlets: Brandon Kieffer, Tucker Millett, and Toby McMullen, in an intimate space, sure to draw the best moments out of performers and the audience, CHALK HOUSE will be a comedy show like none other. Join us, for a summer show you wont forget.

FREE*; 21+

*Donations accepted

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8:00 PM20:00

The Shicago Show- 12 September 2015

I host a new show at The CiC Theater called "The Shicago Show" (@shicagoshow). It is a weekly, underground stand-up show Saturdays at 8pm starting September 5th. 

September 12th Lineup: 

Host: Tucker Millett
Opener: Elaine Phillips
Middler: Joel Boyd
Feature: Conor Cawley
Headliner: Azhar Usman

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8:00 PM20:00

The Shicago Show- 5 September 2015

I host a new show at The CiC Theater called "The Shicago Show" (@shicagoshow). It is a weekly, underground stand-up show Saturdays at 8pm starting September 5th. 

September 5th Lineup: 

Host: Tucker Millett
Opener: Marc Levalle
Middler: Jacob Lowrey
Feature: Tyler Ross
Headliner: Lara Beitz

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Un-American: A Patriot Acts
7:30 PM19:30

Un-American: A Patriot Acts

The following is copy/pasted from:

*** ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! ***

"Un-American : A Patriot Acts"
(starring comedian Azhar Usman)
(directed by Dwayne Kennedy)

Rand Paul doesn't like Azhar Usman. Or, more specifically, he doesn't like the fact that the U.S. Department of State once paid him to tour India as a cultural ambassador. Despite being born and raised in the United States––and playing the role of cultural diplomat as an American artist––Usman has been called "suspicious," "dangerous," and "Un-American." He was recently visited at his home by the FBI. 

Muhammad Ali. Albert Einstein. Malcolm X. Noam Chomsky. Lucille Ball. (Yes, from "I Love Lucy"). What do these iconic Americans all have in common? They were all–at one time or another–denounced as "Un-American" by the proverbial powers that be. 

"Un-American" is Usman's newest creative project. The Chicago-based standup comedian's one-man show is an exploration of the tensions and paradoxes surrounding national, cultural, and religious identity in an ever-polarizing world. The show is certainly funny, but also packs a serious intellectual firepower. It is NOT INTENDED for audiences who are easily offended, nor those uninterested in having their beliefs and biases questioned.

CNN called Usman "America's Funniest Muslim," and Georgetown University identified him as "one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World." In 2010, standup icon Dave Chappelle–for whom Usman has opened over 40 times–commented "Azhar Usman is untouchable." As the co-founder of the international comedy showcase "Allah Made Me Funny," he has toured over 20 countries on five continents. His comedy has been profiled/reviewed by over 100 major world media outlets including The New York Times, The Economist, BBC, The Guardian, NPR, TIME Magazine, Al-Jazeera, USA Today, and Fox News.

Tucker Millett (MC); Prateek Srivastava (Guest); Felonious Munk (Feature); and other guest comics.



SHOWTIMES: 7:30pm & 9:30pm

The WIP Theater
6670 N. Northwest Highway
Chicago, IL 60631
Box Office: 312-692-9327 

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